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NS Series Gen 2 Network Switches

Предварительно настроенные сетевые коммутаторы

NS Series Gen 2 Network Switches — это сетевые коммутаторы корпоративного класса производства NETGEAR, которые были предварительно настроены специально для удовлетворения требований к производительности Q-SYS, AES67 и Dante. Это готовое решение для интеграторов Q-SYS и сотрудников ИТ-поддержки, ориентированное на аудио, видео и управление (AV&C) Q-SYS.
Основные преимущества
  • Expedite deployment and reduce support requirements: Q-SYS NS Series network switches are pre-configured specifically to meet the rigorous performance requirements of Q-SYS audio, video and control (AV&C) systems. For IT network architects/support staff and integrators, this plug-and-play solution saves time, cost, and frustration associated with troubleshooting untested network switches.

  • Flexible network scenarios: Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 network switches support Q-LAN, AES67 and Dante audio streams in addition to Q-LAN video streaming and distribution, simultaneously within the same VLAN without ever having to manually configure or adapt the QoS settings on the switches or endpoint devices.

Note: Q-SYS NS Series is intended for standalone AV networks. QSC does not support applications beyond the supplied configurations, such as additional VLANs, other AVC protocols etc.
    • Eliminate Q-SYS device power challenges: Each Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 network switch features standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at; up to 30 Watts of power) on all ports providing combined power, data and control for your Q-SYS devices. Furthermore, the Q-SYS NS10-720++ and Q-SYS NS26-1440++ support PoE ++ (IEEE 802.3bt; up to 90 Watts) for use with Q-SYS devices that carry greater power requirements (like the Q-SYS NV Series video endpoints), eliminating the need for additional hardware.

    • Intelligent management: NS Series Gen 2 network switches automatically manage any multicast AV traffic on your network. These switches also feature integrated IGMP+ to provide automatic multicast data management between multiple NS Series Gen 2 switches along with an optional built-in DHCP server, also pre-configured to provide automated IP connectivity for standalone AV systems.

    • Future-ready solution: Q-SYS NS Series Gen 2 network switches are the benchmark for future Q-SYS audio and video peripheral products, ensuring this investment in your AV infrastructure will support the expansion and evolution of your Q-SYS system for years to come.